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The Venice Art Biennale is a bi-annual international art exhibition. Countries from around the world gather here and display works in their pavilion. Artists are typically chosen to represent their home country. It is one of the largest art exhibitions in the world. Collateral Events are exhibits that run throughout the Biennale and are given a special distinction within the Biennale but are not part of the Biennale exhibition. In 2013 there were ten new participants in the Biennale including Angola, Kuwait, Paraguay, and the Kingdom of Bahrain.


This is an ongoing collection of materials from the Venice Art Biennale. Materials in the collection date back to 2009 and is updated with each Biennale. Materials are cultivated from CDs, flash drives and websites. Items in the collection range from press kits to photographs. For the first time ever audio and video clips are available within the collection. This adds a whole new dimension to exploring the Biennale from afar.


The theme of the 2013 Biennale is Il Palazzo Enciclopedia, The Encyclopedic Palace. Biennale curator Massimilano Gioni based is design off of an imaginary museum where all knowledge is held. The idea comes from Mario Auriti who tried to patent this idea in 1955. Gioni used this idea to push artists to their limits and show what their world consists of.


This years Biennale used an array of mediums such as a light display in the New Zealand pavilion. Elm trees were used to create sculptures housed in the Belgian pavilion. The video presentation from Ireland uses vivid colors in a presentation that seeks to bring out the savagery in war. Meanwhile the combination of the French and German pavilions celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty. There is another collaboration as well; the Oo. Cyprus and Lithuania designed their pavilions to join together with the goal of uneven art that comes together and travels through time.


Argentinean artist Nicola Constantino takes the audience back in time to the life of Eva Peron. Through sculpture, video presentation, and other mediums Eva Peron is brought back to life. Eva is show throughout six stages of her life by Constantino. The attention to detail and use of color strike a balance that makes it feel as if Eva is right there with you.


Konrad Smoleński represented Poland at this years Biennale. Smoleński presented different sound combinations by manipulating them. The standout feature from this pavilion is the lage bell in the center of the room. The focus was on the sound the bell made and it is available for listening as part of the collection.


New participant Tuvalu has presentment a vibrant display of sculptures around Venice. Artists representing Tuvalu created eco-art pieces of ‘animal refugees’ to point to environmental issues such as global warming that effect Tuvalu directly. It is an issue close to the heart of the island nation of 12,000. Artists have used the Wall Street Bull hanging from an oil rig, the statue of liberty on its needs in a patch of coral reef, and melting penguins in a fountain wearing robes performing martial arts.


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